The Roundup – What Every Man (Wants) Needs


Part of being a man is knowing what you want. But let’s face it, you already know what you want – women (with brains), cool gadgets, inspiration, comfort food, comfortable women (with great bodies), travel, an automobile that makes driving fun, an awesome garage to keep it in, and a gentleman’s cave to unwind.

The only problem we see is…

You’ve only got to know where to look. And these (below) are a great place to start:


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What the Hell to Do When She Says She Wants a Break – MadeMan

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Cool site for fans of design/architecture offers unique travel experiences – PlansMatter

Brosectomies: Snips, Chips, and Dips With Your Closest Friends – WSJ

Step-Up Your Texting Game, According To Dating Expert – Brobible

Halloween Costumes That Will Blow Your Mind – BroMyGod

If you know of Koenigsegg, this bike will excite – Uncrate

Josefine Forsberg is One Fine Specimen – Lurk and Perv


Koenigsegg 1090


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Single and sexy. Hello ladies..

About Max Green

Single and sexy. Hello ladies..