Karma Roundup – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Dating hot swimsuit models, like Tal Berkovich, may make a man feel good, but for not very long according to one dude… and a recent study from Harvard University. But if there is anything we can learn from this – it is that by dating hot women and claiming you did, and now you won’t anymore, you will never get a hot woman again once the social media is through skewering you over the Twitter pit.

Lesson: Dude, if you’re tired of dating hot women – just stop doing it.

And speaking of bad Karma, a man shoved another guy on a commute train, telling him to go f**k himself. And less than an hour later he shows up at his interview to find ‘that same guy’ behind the desk waiting for the interview. Doh!

roof top cinema

Drive-in movies might be a thing of the past, but roof top cinema offers a new take on midnight entertainment. This is a place where a man can enjoy a variety of films in comfy deckchairs and wireless headphones for attendees. Some locations allow BYOB, while others offer a full-service bar – brilliant.

In wake of the recent attacks and retaliation in Syria, we have to wonder why so few are talking about nukes?

But almost as important… is this discussion on how the friend zone is destroying America. That is some serious karma that no man could have ever saw coming. And if you’re confused by such logic, perhaps you can figure out the logic behind this camel toe underwear trend, because we sure can’t?

One trend that we never tire of reading, is the claim of how to make the perfect steak. This is almost as good as getting free tips on good reads you’ve likely missed.

If you prefer more extreme entertainment that burns more brain cells than it builds, it is a good thing that Deathmatch wrestling exists. Not to be confused with what you’ve seen on TV, these guys aren’t fooling around. Matt “Bulldozer” Tremont is the undisputed champion and here is a glimpse at what goes on behind that headband.

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