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The Roundup – Things Every Man Should Know

When I was around the age of 15, my father set me down and told me three things that I’ve never forgotten. Every man leaves a legacy; the important thing is that you have a say in yours.” Being a man has nothing to do with acting manly.” Apologize when you’re wrong, because a woman […]

17 Things Every Man Should Have In His Car

When it comes to your car, it is always better to be over prepared and never have reason to be, than to have reason, but no preparedness. But at the same time, a car is not exactly a 3-room condo unless you own a bus, so you have to be reasonable and practical. These are […]

Women We Love – Nita Kuzmina

The lovely Nita Kuzmina is from Moscow, and a Russian model that now lives in New York. We think you’ll agree that she’s more that a slight distraction. We don’t know what she has in store for herself in the future, but we could see miss Nita Kuzmina in film, perhaps as a Bond girl.

7 Texts No Man Should Ever Send a Girl

You know your addicted. Perhaps it is because texting is forgiving, easy to do and relatively quick in comparison to talking on the phone or in person. The only problem is… these 7 texts will most always do more harm than good. So just… don’t… do… it. I’m crazy about you.” All you grammar and punctuation […]

Kate Upton Sex Tape

When we heard about the Kate Upton sex tape , we were more than a little excited. Kate Upton is a sexy bikini model that’s worked for Sports Illustrated, possibly others, we don’t know. What we do know is she a full figured lady that fills out a bikini rather well, and knows how to take a […]

Women We Love – Anastasiya Kvitko

If unreal curves and voluptuous proportions are your thing, then say hello to Russian model, Anastasiya Kvitko. When she moved to Miami for modeling, she was told to slim down. She ignored that request, and we think she looks great the way she is. There are lots of full figure models and Anastasiya Kvitko is one […]

Top 8 Male Sex Fantasies

Man has two simple rules about his sexual fantasies. They must never follow the trend of political correctness, and no matter what the fantasy is about… more is most always better. I’m talking about multiple partners, multiple orgasms, swinging, and yes, those all important threesomes. According to sexperts, these kind of fantasies are also perfectly […]

Manspiration – Living Sky Garages

Men of all values have been using the scope of their dreams, creativity and bank accounts to design and build hydraulic warehouses and sky garages. A living space designated for both man and his beast. A velveteen welcome mat fit for a 3-ton queen. Whoever designated their automobile to remain out in the dirty garage… […]

Spy Polarized Happy Glass – Best Sunglasses Under $300

We’ve said that the best glasses you can buy for under $200 belong to the Spy Happy lens Crosstown Collection. And our reasons were quite simple. They look great, feel incredibly comfortable, improve on the look of the world around you, and just make you feel good (read here to discover how a pair of sunglasses […]

The Roundup – Party

Every man is looking for a good time. Life should be just one party after another, mixed with work, women and a few serious moments in between. And since you never really know where the next party is going to turn up, we’d like to help you get prepared… with a little help from our […]