The Future of Transportation

With technology booming the way it is, the future of transportation is heading our way faster than we could have ever imagined. While it is believed that the technology of transportation will be advancing slower than most other technologies, it has been said that by the year 2050 we will know 95 percent more about […]

Interesting (But Useless) Car Trivia

Did you know… In 1898, the first vehicles were so slow that the police department used bicycles to pursue speeding motorists. (However,  that might have something to do with why the first speeding ticket wasn’t given until 1902) The Fiat Strada was “hand-built” almost entirely by robots. 90% of all people have sang in their […]

How to Drive a Manual (Stick Shift) Transmission

It is surprising how few urban guys really know how to drive a stick shift… even the ones who drive one everyday. This is something that every man ought to know how to do, and do well. Why? It can provide better gas mileage, it may come in handy during an emergency situation, it is almost mandatory […]

2012 Ford Focus ST: The Hot Hatch is Back!

It’s been a couple years since we’ve had a true “hot hatch” from the Blue Oval. The 2002 SVT Ford Focus was a nice intro, offering 170 horsepower and 145 lb-ft of torque. Even though most automotive reviewers claimed the average driver would never notice the performance oriented drivetrain and 40 horsepower increase in power, […]

7 Reasons Why Riding the Bus Sucks!

Recently, a passenger caught footage of a bus driver reading his Kindle and using his elbow to steer, while rolling through rush hour traffic in downtown Portland, Oregon. The TriMet bus driver has since been put on probation, pending further investigation, but the event starting me wondering what other fiasco’s go on behind these double […]

Flaming Burnouts

Burning methanol… nitrous explosions… and flame thrower kits. It’s a regular redneck cookout, but one thing’s for sure…. These guys won’t be up for any Green Peace Awards! (Photo via