All-Time Greatest Super Bowl Halftime Shows

superbowl halftime show prince and twins

Before the kickoff, the anticipation leading up to the Super Bowl is the hottest ticket, except for maybe the NFL itself. While some of the more serious football fans will watch their favorite teams throughout the season, long before super bowl time comes around, there is no shortage of fans that are just simply waiting for the next greatest super bowl halftime show.

What is the big deal some might ask? Well, we’re glad you asked…

Super Bowl 50 – Bruno Mars, Coldplay, and Beyonce

Our favorite Superbowl halftime show would have to be with Bruno Mars, Coldplay, and Beyonce. The coordinated riffs between the two performers’ music were truly brilliant, not to mention how the marching band drums fit chimed in with uncompromised perfection. This is how a half-time show is done.

Super Bowl XXXVI – U2

We remember the good old days when a performer could coast through the crowd while gently lullabying the audience with their lyrical genius. These days have come to an end, but you can still reminisce in style with the amazing halftime show put on by U2 in 2001.

Super Bowl XLI – Prince

Amidst a downpour that called on some to build the next arc, Prince tasked himself to put on the most amazing halftime show that had ever been seen since 2007. Literally, Prince’s vision through this 12-minute set was to blend generations, genre’s and everything that had inspired his (and our) life. And despite the diabolical intentions of the rain, Prince prevailed.

Super Bowl XXXVIII – Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Kid Rock

Let’s set aside all the controversy surrounding the halftime show in 2004 featuring the talents of Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Kid Rock. Well… okay, let’s not. Sure, it may have cost CBS $550,000 once all the fines had been signed, sealed, and delivered, but we were reminded about what a true ‘surprise ending’ could be. Perhaps only second to the infamous quote, “Here, hold my beer,” came this little jewel from Justin Timberlake’s stylist at the time as he was chatting with USA Today, “Okay, watch the halftime show… There’s going to be a surprise at the end.”

Super Bowl XXVII – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has been the discussion of many greatest moments in US history, but when discussing halftime shows, his performance at XXVII is worldwide accepted as one of the most critically acclaimed shows that the Superbowl has been lucky (and proud) to deliver. It took three negotiations to woo Michael’s management to the gig in 1993, including demands of upwards of $1 million for the NFL to pay for the privilege of hosting such an event. A third time proved the charm, Michael was signed, and the rest is best seen in the video below.

Honorable Halftime Show Mentions

There is no shame in being an honorable mention among some of the greatest performances of all time, so we thus now present…

Super Bowl XXXV – Britney Spears, Aerosmith, and NSYNC

XL Super Bowl – Rolling Stones

Super Bowl XLVI – Madonna

Super Bowl XLV – Black Eyed Peas

Super Bowl XLIII – Bruce Springsteen

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