Whiskey, Space Hotels, and How COVID Changed America

It is hard to believe that it was only one year ago that we were on Spring break, in a bar enjoying a glass of Japanese whiskey, or just opened the door into a slinky hotel without worrying about where you were going to find some hand sanitizer. Or maybe that was just us, but the point is a lot has happened since a year ago when all the COVID craziness started happening.

What has happened exactly, you may ask, considering that you’ve probably not been out all that much? Well, beyond the twelve long, isolated, and desolate months, there’s been some extra time for creative thinking, dedicated planning, problem-solving, and these seven useful and uplifting links:

An Affordable Japanese Whiskey Starter Pack

The World’s First Space Hotel: Opening in 2027

A Pictorial of How COVID has Changed America in Only One Year

A Virtual Bar Atmosphere for Home Drinkers

Local Haunts Every Man Needs in His Life

Want to Be Happy? Embrace Being Miserable

The Rise and Fall of the Man Cave


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