Recapping the Best of 2020

Despite what all has been said about 2020, there were actually some very good moments to come out of it. What, you don’t believe us? Well, then let a handful of our favorite websites remind us of how there is always something good to be found within every bad.

Best Books of 2020
Best Audible Books of 2020
Best Movies of 2020
Best TV Shows of 2020 (Yeah, You Might Have Missed Some)
Best Ads of 2020
Best Songs of 2020
Best Photos of 2020
Best Moments in Science of 2020
Best Attractions of 2020
Best Innovations of 2020
Best Tech Gadgets of 2020
Best Companies to Have Worked for in 2020
Year in Pictures

Plus a few bits on how to make the most of 2021:

The Search for the Greatest Sports Car of All Time
Everything You Wanted To Know About Rolex Watches
How to Get—and Stay—Motivated to Lose Weight
How to Know If a Woman Likes You

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About Max Green

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