10 Shoe Mistakes Most Men Make

If we are going to wag our fingers at anyone’s fashion choices, well, men are going to suffer the most. Heterosexual men, of course, I’m sure you’ve all seen the new season of Queer Eye. Shoes might seem easier to deal with, but there are so many mistakes common to so many people that they simply can’t be all accidental. Let us have a quick look at the 10 greatest ones.

Running shoes are not shoes

Regardless of how much you like them, or how elegant they might seem, there is still a difference between a shoe and a running shoe. If you combine them with a suit, that is it – you are officially the worst dressed person within a 100 miles radius. Luckily, this is an extremely rare sight, and most people who do this combo just wear it on the way from or to work, but it is still an eyesore!

Flip-flops for the beach and pool

Wearing flip-flops at any other occasion should be considered a crime, especially if and when you are also caught combining them with some denim. No one cares how much you enjoy them, use your common sense when to wear them and when not. Unless, of course, you are just wearing them as a means of contraception.

Know when to give up

Credit: Jakob Owens

Yes, shoes are like wine, they need some time to mature (and get that bouquet!), however, some people just decide all of a sudden that they are Johnny Depp reincarnate and start wearing their ancient shoes to gala nights. Be honest with yourself, if they look like something not even a homeless person would wear, perhaps it’s time to change the attitude.

Wrong socks, sir

Although it might seem that socks are completely unimportant, you have to take into account the entirety of your outfit and see where your socks fit and who they could be made to fit better. Plain old black socks usually work fine with anything, but you can actually light it up a bit by choosing some interesting colors that still fit your overall look. Oh, this probably does not need to be said but please – match your socks.

Comfort over looks

Do your feet a favor and don’t settle for uncomfortable shoes as they can cause you problems in the long run. Regardless of how good they look, just get rid of them. When it comes to shoes, women tend to get slightly more emotional, but everyone should draw the line at healthy feet. Come to think of it, it’s better to wear Birkenstock EVA for that matter, as you can always count on them to be good for your feet.

Size does matter

Credit: Black Jiracheep

Shoes need to fit. A lot of people walk around in shoes that are the wrong size, for different reasons. Some people have feet that are short and wide, some people’s feet are long and narrow. It is very hard to find your proper size – but it is worth it. Put in the extra effort for you and the health of your feet, as well as the life of your shoes, as they will slowly become more and more deformed.

Slip-ons are a no-no

Well, unless they are loafers, of course. But generally one should not succumb to wearing slip-on shoes for any kind of formal event that requires a suit. They are simply not formal enough, giving off the image of a man who is not ready to commit. Perhaps this is why there are some urban legends about men wearing slip-ons not being trustworthy? Who knows – better safe than sorry!

Only black, forever

There are people that are genuinely surprised when you entertain the idea that there are other shoe colors except for black. Still, this is easy to understand, everyone’s probably been told at least once that “black goes with everything”. This is mostly true, as well, however, there are so many options out there that you should be able to find something vibrant for yourself.

Lace-up, private!

Credit: Andrew Neel

Yes, we know, unlaced combat boots make you feel like a bad boy. Unfortunately, it is time to burst this bubble – it was a fashion fad and it’s gone now. Just like you have once followed fashion and started wearing them, now you can follow fashion and stop doing that. There is nothing worse than being stuck in an outdated fashion statement.

Don’t let them go to waste

At times when you’re not wearing them, make sure your favorite shoes still be preserved for the times you need them. Many people just remember they have an awesome pair when they need it for a special occasion, only to discover it has been ruined by a mishap or old age. Get those shoe trees ready, spray them with waterproof protectors, polish them regularly. Keep the shoes in good condition and they will, in turn, be there for your special occasion. Happy feet!

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