Adult Behavior, Willpower, and Heroes

What does it really mean to be an adult? To grow a beard, get a job, pay the bills, find a mate, buy a house, own a dog, wear a flannel suit. Well, about 30 years ago, it was all of these things.

Today, the world is a much more complicated place. Not because we have grown into more complicated and sophisticated beings, but because we no longer see adulthood as a race to check off certain markers. We don’t like orderly life markers because it shoves us between two rails and vacuums up time, life and space at an accelerated speed.

Every man needs to find his own path and trudge through it at his own pace. He needs to know himself, resist the idea of limitations, and harness willpower to overcome his fears. One of the best bits of advice we can offer is to take note of advice from others who are currently navigating their own journey successfully. Life may be complicated, but if you spend too much of it trying to figure it all out on your own, you’ll run out of time before you’ve had the chance to live.

This is some of the best life advice we’ve read – from our friends around the world.


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