15 Best Bromance Movies To See

Best Bromance Movies

If it were cool for a dude to hang out with other dudes all the time – most men would do it. In fact, according to research found in the journal Men and Masculinities, the majority of men enjoy the relationship they have with their bro’s much more than their hoe.

So much for the over-advertised search to find true love. Most men will never find better friendships beyond the ones they made as young men.

And if you’re a human being of any sort, you’re probably not too surprised by this theory. With recent bromances like Obama/Biden, and buddy movies headlining social media, like the Wolf Pack featured in the film, The Hangover, it is ‘cool’ to foster a deep and meaningful bromance with other guys.

But actually, it has always been acceptable for compatible dudes to share and enjoy each others company – some guys just get whipped along the way. So whether you’re celebrating with your bro(s), currently in between bromances, or working through some bro problems – these are the films that will remind you of what true friendship should look like.


That Awkward Moment

The Other Guys

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Hangover

The Expendables

Fast Five

I Love You, Man


Wedding Crashers

Pineapple Express

Good Will Hunting

Old School

Point Break

Pulp Fiction

Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid


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