3 Upcoming Spy Movies You’ll Want to See

The secrecy, espionage, dark characters, sinister plots, cool gadgets, exotic cars, designer clothing, bow ties, and yes… all those beautiful women.

Every man loves a good spy movie, and this year we’ve got three to look forward to. Whoa, that’s a lot, you say. We know, and they all look pretty damn good. Here`s the proof:

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

It’s another race against time, in case you hadn`t figured out the recipe for every one of these Mission Impossible films. But it`s not the recipe we’re impressed with, but rather its sampler platter (trailer), and the list of fresh ingredients, which includes the likes of Simon Pegg, Michelle Monaghan, and Henry Cavil.

Bond 25

There is not a lot anyone knows about the upcoming Bond 25, but the fact that Danny Boyle is confirmed to be its director, Daniel Craig will be making his last appearance as 007, and Margot Robbie is the current front-runner as the “bond girl”. Well, we figure that’s about as good of a start as we could possibly hope for.

Red Sparrow

Four-time Oscar nod, Jennifer Lawrence, heads up this sexually charged spy thriller, which has critics claiming that Lawrence may have bitten off more than she should have. But we think she has everything under control. And yeah, Lawrence may be a little more scantily clad than you’re used to, but her reply to that is simply, “If I want to be cold that’s my choice…” Hey, we’re not the ones complaining, Jennifer.


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