Women We Love – Red Alert

Redheads… so what’s in a color? Does it really make a woman that much more fiery or sexy? Is it a gene at play, or is it an attitude that grows from within?

Well, according to research and the New York Post, it is likely a bit of all the above. For one, being a redhead is a very small club. So small, that only about 2 percent of the population is considered to be official members (bottle color doesn’t count). And according to researchers, that special pigment creates its own special aroma on the surface of the skin called, ‘ambergris,’ which is unique to only them. This means that no other woman can ever smell quite like a true redhead (unless she is one).

This special combination of genes also enables redheads to feel less pain, be more responsive to hot and cold extremes, and if you think this sounds like we are referring to BDSM… we would simply reply that we leave that assumption up to you. So whether or not you believe all this, you can’t deny that when you’ve got articles such as this one claiming redheads as having ‘superpowers’ based on their hair color, you’ve got to expect a fiery attitude and sexy mystique to go along with them.

And so our official conclusion is… we’re simply in love!

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Single and sexy. Hello ladies..

About Max Green

Single and sexy. Hello ladies..