Waffle Racer 17 By Nike Gets Upgraded with Memory Foam

The Waffle Racer 17 by Nike has gone through more than just a couple revisions since its 1974 introduction. We don’t know if it’s been through 17 upgrades exactly, but we’re fairly certain that this is Nike’s best version ever.

It comes with an all new fabric upper designed for extra durability and softness. It also comes with an improved tread to ensure good traction through a variety of urban obstacles, such as asphalt, dirt, grass, water, and ice. However, our favorite upgrade would have to be the memory foam sock liner, offering dual-density foam. The dual density means it will maintain its softness without completely bottoming out, as most memory foam liners tend to do after a couple of hours.

Speed may cost you money in those Fast & Furious flicks, but this human performance accessory will only set you back bout $90. Get yours here.

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