Women We Love – Rise of the Cleavag

Hannah Davis - cleavaj

What every gentleman dreams about has never had a proper name… until now. It is called Cleavag, and while we first heard of it from Men’s Health, we are sure you are going to be hearing (and seeing) a lot more of it.

What is it? Well, unlike cleav·age (noun), which describes the hollow mysterious shadow between a woman’s breast when a certain low cut top is worn, clea·vag (noun) describes the tantalizing strip of skin taunting your imagination as to what lies beneath the curtain between the navel and bikini band. In particular, this invisible eyegasm appears to be strongest when such SI models as Hannah Davis and VS model Candice Swanepoel are seen pulling down their bikini bottom.

We decided that the Cleavag phenomenon was worth much deeper research, and so we slipped on our white lab coats, perfected our Google search technique, and made use of a high powered magnifying app. The task was not an easy one, in fact many of us lost track of time throughout much of the research – but we feel our cleavag results below speak for themselves:

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