4 Ways to Use Lighting to Set the Mood

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The most important, if often underrated, element of visual design is lighting design. After all, without light to see by, none of your carefully curated decorations and fixtures will be visible for visitors to marvel at. Maintaining a well-appointed bachelor’s pad, suited to all kinds of social engagements, requires some thought on how to light your space, both in terms of what kinds of lights and accessories to buy and in terms of what kind of lighting schemes to employ. Here are some indispensable tips to make you pad look its very best.

Dimmer Switches

One of the most basic lighting control techniques is adjusting the intensity of the light. Higher light quantities can make a space seem bright and welcoming, perfect for general party occasions and family friendly events. Low lighting adds intimacy to a space, ideal for a sense of privacy. The dimmer switch is the cornerstone of many an expert lighting scheme. If your place doesn’t already have one, consider looking into having one installed.


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Of course, sometimes even a dimmed light is too much light. On those occasions, the flickering and organic light of a candle can ramp up the intimacy to unbelievable levels. Keep your place well-stocked. Scented candles can perform an additional function by letting you decide on a scent-scape for you space, further setting the mood. Moreover, your candle collection serves a double function as emergency lighting in the event of a power outage. Be sure they are accessible throughout your pad, and make sure to leave matches or lighters with each candle stash as well.

Colored Lights

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Although we tend to think of lighting in terms of regular bulbs and white light, a few colored bulbs can go a long way toward changing the mood of the space. It’s unlikely you’ll want an unusual light color as a permanent fixture in any room, but having a cabinet with several bulbs for different situations allows you to plan out events ahead of time. Different colors carry different connotations, such as dangerous reds and soothing blues; a little research will help you find a set of bulbs that will work for whatever situation you have in mind. Remember that colored lighting will also really bring out the color in your existing decorations.

App Controls

Of course, whatever lighting configuration you’ve settled on, you need a way to control it. Modern technology has provided an elegant solution — app based switches. A properly configured system allows you to adjust the lighting in your home from wherever you are, whether that’s across the room or across the continent. It’s a great way to save energy and increase home security, and it makes lighting your home for a new situation a snap.

Without lighting, every other element of home decoration falls flat. With it, you can make your space shine. Be sure to think about how various kinds of light can highlight your living area and you can make the perfect bachelor’s pad, ready for parties and other late night encounters. So put in the effort. Your social life will thank you.


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