OneBlade Shaver – Because Many is Not Better


You could line multiple digital watches up your wrist to ensure you keep steady time, or one precise and stylish Bomberg Bolt-68. You could date multiple women to give your life purpose, or find that ‘one’ woman who becomes the incentive to your every morning and blissful end to every evening.

Whoever said that having more than one was the best, may have never had the experience of getting something right the first time. When it comes to the ‘blades’ on your razor, the only reason you should need more is to cover up the shortcomings of the first effort.

The OneBlade shaver was not born to overcome its flaws with mass, numbers and pure will power. It was willed into existence by getting the job done right the first time with precision, detail and max engineering.

How many blades should it take to get a great shave? From what we hear… only one – the OneBlade.

Check it out here.


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