Man Cave Must – Custom Bottle Opener by Capcatchers

The Capcatcher in action!

Here’s a neat little gadget we suspect would look awesome in your man cave. It is a custom bottle opener made out of your choice of wood, leather/vinyl and personalized message. We recently installed one of these at the Urbasm headquarters, and it has become a center of attraction at the end of every day (and not for just the obvious reason). We personalized ours with a touch of nostalgia and class, so we’re not only getting our liquid medication through our veins quicker and easier, but also with more style and sophistication.

Here’s how to get your own bottle opener, built by Capcatchers and designed by YOU:

First, head over to the Capcatchers website and pick out the basic opener that appeals to you. Next, choose your mounting preference. These will mount to any wall via a screw, or you can opt for a magnetic backing and place it right on your refrigerator. Then you decide on the wood backing for your opener (oak or mahogany, you can’t go wrong) – and then it’s onto the design and color of the bottle opener itself. We liked the “Tavern” style, and you can add up to three lines of text to personalize it. We suggest making “Urbasm” your message, but we might be a little biased.


And there are a lot of upgrades you can add at a reasonable cost, such as do you want your opener to have a polished appearance? Do you prefer a leather or clear vinyl bottle cap holder, are you going to be dumping a massive amount of caps per night (i.e. do you need a “Party-Size” upgrade)? Do you really need a wood backing or would you rather mount the opener to your own sturdy flat surface? So many options, but not so many that it isn’t fun to build your own masterpiece, and have a sense of pride when it finally shows up to your door and you look at it and say, “Perfect”. And then you and the deliveryman can share a brew before he heads back out to work (we did).


And the quality of these is just fantastic. Everything has been precision cut and finished, centered appropriately and fastened together in such a way that suggests Capcatchers holds a lot of pride in their final product. It is one of those gadgets that once you have hanging up, you might forget how much more convenient it is from the hunting around in your drawers (or pockets) for your bottle opener, but you do get a sense of appreciation just by looking at its craftsmanship before knocking off the top, watching the cap fall in the bin and heading off to enjoy that cold one.

Yeah, we know you want one… and if you don’t – then why did you read through this entire review all the way to the bottom? Yeah, I knew it – you really do want one and you can build it (your way) here.


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