Döttling Liberty Barcelona Watch Safe – Because ‘Time’ is Money


850583pWhen you get to a point in your watch collection where the standard watch box (photo right) is no longer applicable… you may want to make an appropriate upgrade. A standard watch safe will be fine if you have a collection around the value of a new Lexus SUV. However, if your collection is valued more along the lines of a condo in West Palm Beach, may we suggest the Döttling Liberty Barcelona Watch Safe (photo top) as your new designated watch wingman.

This heavy duty safe doubles as a piece of furniture with its elegant padded leather exterior, which has been modeled after Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona chair. It has been built to withstand the tests of time, tornadoes, and complete mayhem thanks to its 650 pounds of hardened elegance. It also features three drawers to keep you organized and 12 precision watch winders.

Not every man is in need of this much watch security… but it is nice to know it is here when you need it.



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