4 Minimalist Watches for Under $400


Chronograph watches are beautiful examples of art, technology and complexity. However, a well-executed minimalist watch is not celebrated for its complexity, but rather for its use of space, design and luxe styling. And while we love offering up a good explanation, sometimes it is just better to show rather than tell.

Here are four of our favorite minimalist watches for under $400:

Tsovet JPT-TW35

tsovet JPT-TW35 2

Tsovet gets it right with their JPT-TW35 watch. It is presented in a square, gold-tone case with a classic single-crown design. It doubles-up on its classic simplicity with a brown leather strap – but won’t skimp on quality with its bullet-proof Japanese quartz movement.

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TID Watch No. 2

tid stainless watch 2

It doesn’t get much simpler than this No.2 watch by TID. It is all stainless, including its brushed case, dial, internal bezel and engraved digits. It features a single dial, simple leather band and quartz movement. We’re not too sure how TID’s No.1 watch compares, but their second effort is spectacular.

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Braun Digital Quartz

braun digital quartz 2

One of the unfortunate things about digital watches is that they are rarely simple. Considering all the possibilities digital offers, a watchmaker will often end up going a little overboard on its features. Braun simplifies its digital outline by focusing on what’s most important, including an easy to read black dial, radio-controlled display and accuracy level within 1-second every million years.

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Nixon Ranger Watch

nixon ranger watch 2

A military Ranger doesn’t have much use for gadget overkill on a watch, and this Ranger by Nixon is no exception. It features large hands, numbers and contrasting markers. It is then simplified further with a matte finish/buckle, leather strap, rotating bezel and single crown. This is about as ‘maximum’ as minimal should get.

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