12 New Words Every Man Should Know

Portmanteaus 3

A Portmanteaus is a clever combination of two words used to create a completely new and innovative way to describe something that would normally take you much longer to do using laymen terms. So, to save you from visiting the Urban Dictionary to seek these words out for yourself, we’ve picked out a few of the essentials for the everyday urban man.

Portmanteaus 11

BeerBoarding – extract secret information from a colleague by getting them drunk

Portmanteaus 5

DudeVorce – when two bros officially end their friendship

Portmanteaus 7

NonVersation – a worthless conversation

Portmanteaus 2

AfterClap – the last to clap after everyone stopped

Portmanteaus 10

NerdJacking – a conversation filled with unnecessary detail and passion to an otherwise uninterested person

Portmanteaus 4

Ambitchous – striving to be more of a bitch than just your average bitch


CellFish – someone that continues to talk on their phone to be rude to others

Portmanteau 5

HiberDating – when someone ignores friends in favour of the one their dating

Portmanteaus 6

ChairDrobe – the act of piling clothes on a chair instead of putting in a closet or dresser

Portmanteaus 8

Unlightening – learning new things that actually make you dumber

Portmanteaus 9

Askhole – a person that asks an endless amount of stupid, pointless or obnoxious questions


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