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With the huge success of Avatar, James Cameron is planning a follow up (of course). Though, he is not just planning one movie. He is planning three more movies; the second to be released in 2017. The third will be out the next year and the fourth after that. Very ambitious. He has said that we (the audience), “will sh*t your pants with your mouth open.” That is a very bold statement. If he really wants to blow away the audience and destroy box office records, he might want to consider these stories. I have been a fan of all of his movies and I love the originality of the them. Personally, I thought the first Avatar was a great, self-contained story. And while I would welcome a second movie, three sequels might be pushing it a bit far.

The second Avatar story has already been written and it has been stated it will take place on Pandora and explore more of that world. Much of the action will be underwater (at least a good 60%) and we should expect other natural habitats like caves and such. I am not sure but I believe the humans will still vex the Na’vi in this one and Jake will be there to defend them. I am sure the movie will more than likely be good. After all, the first one was great.

The sequel that is currently in production, I am guessing (and hoping) will be presented like this. Since, after all, it is supposed to be so awe inspiring that we will lose the ability to describe it. If so, here is the way I see it happening:


Avatar 2


Parker Selfridge undaunted by his defeat in the first war with the Na’vi returns to Pandora and continues to search out more caches of that precious ore named Unobtainium. Since Home Tree is gone, the large lode there is accessible, but the Na’vi are still protecting that area. In searching the planet again, he finds a larger lode a couple of miles beneath the ocean floor. It is half way around the planet, almost exactly in line and opposite of the Home Tree lode. The problem is that it is in the deepest part of the ocean. He takes the risk and brings in the drilling equipment and begins the mining process. He sets up a mining colony/ base under water. The colonial marines are brought in to secure the deposit of Unobtainium that is found beneath the large ocean of Pandora. Parker does not want the natives to interfere with this operation. Everything seems to be running fine for a little while.

Avatar 1The farther they drill, the closer they get to the mother lode. Parker can almost taste the ore as they approach the deposit. Just as they are about to hit the vein, they wake up a huge creature slumbering in the caves. This creature begins crushing the underwater settlements. Parker calls in the marines and they repell the creature for a time. This disturbance sends ripples through the organic network. Spiritually embedded in the network and linked to Eywa, Dr. Grace Augustine summons Jake to counsel at the Tree of Souls. She warns him of the impending danger if this continues. She explains that these tremors could wake the “dragon,” for lack of a formal term, or name. This serpent sleeps under water until it is hungry, which is every thousand years or so. Then, it wakes and ventures onto the land where it begins to feed off the fauna. It will grow and eventually stretch its wings where it will take flight. Soon after it will develop a sort of hot, sulfuric breath that kills carbon based life. It will continue to feed while clearing the forest. Once it clears enough of it, the beast will nest and lay eggs. Once the eggs hatch, after a very short gestation period, the brood will burrow down just below the surface and cause more havoc. Doctor Grace says, while it is great for the environment because it kills the diseased plants and creatures and creates lots of fertilizer, it is too soon in the cycle.


Jake rallies the Na’vi to action to prevent this from happening. They mobilize to the sea where they pause. Jake knows the Na’vi are not water breathers. Naytiri suggests a way. A plant that grows near the water can be used by wrapping the flower around the head creating a bubble. The petals are transparent and even emit a faint glow. The stalk wraps around the body down to the waist. The stalk acts like an artificial gill. They swim down to the mining operation where they encounter some resistance. A battle occurrs where there are casualties on both sides. However, Jake signals his intent that he wants to talk. After some deliberations going through the chain of command, Jake is finally allowed to proceed. He warns them about the dangers and relates the story of the beast. The commander thanks Jake and says he will take it under advisement. The Na’vi leave and the commander relays the message to the official in charge, Parker Selfridge. He tells them to continue without any further delay.

screenshot_avatar_wallpaper-t2The mining operation continues eventually disturbing the dreaded beast. It is discovered later that the first beast was merely the guardian. The “dragon” destroys the mining colony and decimates the fighting force. It makes its way to the surface lumbering up onto the land on its thick sturdy legs. On land, the Na’vi are forced to deal with this menace. They pursue it as it makes its way to a nesting site. They try everything they can think of, until, Jake comes up with a plan! He gathers the remaining Na’vi and salvages the communication systems from the human vehicles. He rigs up a make-shift amphitheater on wheels. It is complete with powerful speaker arrays. Jake has the group gather around some microphones and tells them to sing some Na’vi lullabies. After a few minutes of singing these beautiful songs, with the beast trying to resist, they succeed in getting through to it. They lull the beast to sleep, causing the creature to dive back into the sea to find shelter for the long slumber. With that accomplished, Jake turns to what remains of the human fighting force and essentially kicks them off the planet.

Parker agrees to go, but not before leaving a parting gift. He has the marines ship down a couple of packages. These are placed near the Na’vi village where they will sure to be discovered. The marines leave as quickly as they can covering their tracks. The camera zooms in on one of the boxes as it opens to reveal the contents. Inside is a familiar, pale cylindrical-like organic object. After a moment, the top peels open and the scene goes dark.


Avatar 3


Well, since nothing at all, except for the release dates, have been uttered for the third or fourth films, I will venture into the realm of speculation. What if, for the third movie, Cameron does the unthinkable and combines two of his biggest movies. He could create what would ultimately be described as an ultra-mega blockbuster! The Na’vi could face one the deadliest species in the galaxy, especially if the story flows the way I see it. I will let you hang on that thought for a moment while I continue with the summary.
The humans, or Terrans, having lost to Jake and the Na’vi a second time, bring in a devastating new weapon that destroyed one of their colonies, the one on the planet LV-426, as seen at the very end of the second movie. They plant the package in an open clearing for them to find. If you haven’t guessed it by now, the package contains an egg for a face-hugger. This the is same thing that will lead to the Xenomorphs from the Aliens series!


One of the Na’vi patrol groups, led by Jake Sulley, finds it and investigates. They see the strange cylindrical object peel open and the nearest Na’vi is attacked by what springs out. The face-hugger plants itself on the face of the Na’vi guard and secures itself around the neck with its tail. The Na’vi guard falls unconscious while the face-hugger impregnates the Guard. All the while, the creature gestates and the Na’vi try everything to excise the face hugger to no avail. Eventually, the Xenomorph bursts through the chest of the fallen Na’vi guard and wreaks havoc on the devastated Na’vi nation. Because it has a similar shape and the abilities of a Na’vi, it hunts them down one by one zipping through the trees with a speed and agility that surpasses the Na’vi. As the Xenomorph hunts down the Na’vi like they are chickens in a coop, Jake calls the Earth Marines and asks for help. They refuse citing other priorities. It is then revealed that the corporation Parker Selfridge worked for was a branch of The Weyland-Yutani Corporation. They intercede and send out a fresh fleet of marines. Realizing, possibly too late, that if the Xenomophs over-run the planet, they may never get to the Unobtainium they so covet. The marines that are dispatched are led by a person with knowledge and experience of these Xenomorphs. Yes, I am talking about a one, Lt. Ellen Ripley, one of the rare clones that survived.

GUNSHOW-ALIENSSigourney Weaver can play duel rolls as her and Dr. Grace. The spirit of Dr. Grace appears in the Tree of Souls, when Jake asks it for advice after rallying the Na’vi for battle and believing they are alone in this situation.

As Ripley, she will go in after they have made planet-fall and kick butt and take names later. She will lead the ground forces through the jungles armed with the latest weaponry and prepared for the worst case scenario. Midway through a minor fight with some of the indigenous and antagonistic life, she is stopped by a vision of Dr. Grace telling her there is another way.

A distress call is sent out using the tree’s energy system. Then, in the blackness of space the words, “TO BE CONTINUED” materialize. At this point, this movie would be three and half hours long, because as we know, James Cameron cannot make a short movie anymore. Besides, they have to keep up the tradition of the cliff hanger ending. What fun would that be if they wrap everything up in one movie? Isn’t that what sequels were invented for? Like any sequel the stakes grow and the plots are stretched to the maximum capacity. As we begin part four, here is the way it will happen if Hollywood follows its tradition.


Avatar 4


Avatar 4 begins with that energy pulse given off by the Tree of Souls, somehow visible in space being intercepted by a near-by spacecraft. It adjusts course slightly and heads to Pandora. As it flies toward camera, we get a better look at the occupants. Inside are two large alien beings with strange, but familiar mouths. Anyone who has had just the briefest exposure to sci-fi would recognize these beings as Predators! And so begins the title sequence for Avatar vs. Aliens vs. Predators. It will be an all-out, free-for-all folks! The two predators will set out and track the Xenomorph, while the Na’vi and the Humans will be holed up in their respective fortresses defending their lives against the unknown threat of the Xenomorph/ Na’vi hybrid.

One of the Predators will quickly track down the Xenomorph and capture it with the net they carry. Upon gathering it up, the Xenoporph will get free and a bloody battle will ensue. Each of them tearing pieces of each other off and flinging them aside like yesterday’s laundry. Eventually, the Xenomorph will emerge triumphant by snapping its “tongue” at the Predator’s exposed neck. The Xenomorph hybrid will limp away and climb up a tree where it will rest and heal. That Predator will set its failsafe device creating that huge explosion seen in past films.

The other Predator will encounter the Na’vi nest, or make-shift fortress. It studies the Na’vi for a long while scanning their bio-signs and recording their interactions. Then he sees a training routine and notices it is similar to the human marines. Spotting a hunting party leaving, he follows and records in stealth mode. He keys in on the tail and notes that. He engages the party picking them off one by one, each time targeting the tails and severing them using the sword he carries on his back. Confused, each member of the party falls victim to the Predator’s attack. Deciding this species is not worth his time, he leaves the scene. However, one will still be alive, barely. He limps back to the camp to tell Jake.

predatorAfter this, the Predator picks up the Xenomorph hybrid’s trail and tracks it to the tree where it has taken refuge. The Predator finds it empty and concludes it has recovered. He tracks the thing back to the Na’vi nest and finds it wreaking havoc on the place. He assesses the situation, then targets the Hybrid with his shoulder cannon – the tail only. The shot hits home and the Xenomorph is stunned; but only for a moment. It is just long enough for the Predator to get within range. That is when the Xenomorph attacks and the Predator smiles beneath the mask. The Predator dodges and swings his sword just scratching the Hybrid. The Predator fires his shoulder cannon at the charging Xenomorph. The size and speed is incredible, but the acidic blood is still a problem. The blood splatters on the Predator’s armor and he is forced to discard it quickly. After a somewhat lengthy fight, the Predator emerges victorious. However, his thirst for battle has not been satisfied. He cloaks and runs through scans of the surroundings from his hovering ship. He finds an encampment of humans and a picture of Dutch appears next to the heat signature of the camp. Then, the voice of Dutch is heard saying, “If it bleeds, we can kill it.” The Predator sets out to the camp for more fun.

At the camp, the Predator wreaks havoc as it hunts down each human one at a time. As the situation gets desperate, Lt. Ripley contacts the Na’vi and strikes a deal with Jake. In exchange for their help in ridding the planet of this predator, the Na’vi and Pandora will be left alone. If they succeed that is. Ripley and Jake shake on the bargain and begin the hunt for this thing that is killing them.


Ripley splits them into four teams of ten and they go off in separate directions. The Predator sees this and follows one of the teams. He easily picks off that team and two more teams before they can get very far.

ramboSoon, the Predator is attacking Ripley’s team with Jake and Neytiri as the representatives of the Na’vi. Jake tries a technique out about plugging into the network such that it is and learns that he can track the Predator by the vibrations the creature makes when he moves. It is worth a try, so Ripley commands the detachment to form up around Jake and protect him. They surround Jake, but just as they get into place, the Predator strikes two of them with his shoulder cannon. One of them being Jake. The rest of the party begins firing wildly around them. The camera pans and we see a character that looks familiar. A muscular man without a shirt and a torn cloth tied around his head, he fires a chain gun into the trees. As he does this a counter appears on the screen counting the rounds that are fired from all of the guns. If you haven’t guessed it, the mystery man is none other than Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo (probably another clone). By the time Ripley gets the group calmed down and they stop firing, the counter stops at one billion rounds fired, then fades away. They see Jake has been injured and he cannot link up with the network. Rambo steps forward and says that he would be able to track that thing. He is able to because they did manage to nick the thing and he is bleeding. The Predator leads them in circles though and is able to pick off two more of the party.

By now, there remains Ripley, Jake, Neytiri, and Rambo. As they approach the resting place of the Predator, they split up. Ripley and Jake go one way and Rambo and Neytiri go the other. Jake runs out to an open clearing and the Predator begins firing. Rambo, with bow in hand, fires an arrow and hits the Predator damaging the cloak. The Predator quickly retaliates by killing Rambo. In the commotion, Ripley fires off a few rounds from her rifle destroying the shoulder cannon. The Predator ducks behind a tree and assembles a spear. He launches it at a fleeing Ripley and it catches her in the leg. Neytiri, having had the time to get behind the thing, springs out from above the Predator and manages to get in some strikes, including one in the side where it begins to bleed like a mini fountain. However, the Predator pops out his claw blades and stabs her in the gut. She falls limp off that branch, but is caught by the large leaves just below.

Avatar Vs Alien Vs Predator

Upon seeing this, Jake rushes to the Predator where a hand to hand combat ensues. This will last a good fifteen minutes, since they need to fill four hours of time. By the end of the fight, they will be exhausted from falling from the tree and nearly crushing Neytiri. Neytiri is unceremoniously plopped on the ground as the two combatants continue the fight. The Predator swats Jake away. Jake tumbles back a few meters, as the Predator shakes off and catches his breath for a brief second. At that moment, Ripley pops up and takes a shot at the aggressor. She misses and the Predator lunges at her. He plunges the claws into her chest. Jake yells in concern, but she says, “Don’t worry. They’ll make another.” Jake takes this moment to charge and perform a flying kick. The Predator is flung through the air and into a thicket of leaves. Jake rushes to the site and sees the Predator lying in a large pile of excrement.

The Predator then begins to scream and flail wildly as bits of smoke rise from the cuts in his skin. It turns out, he is allergic to the stuff. After a few moments, he dies. Jake collects Neytiri, barely alive. He takes her to the tree where she is saved and they get up and dance. During the festivities, Jake looks over to the tree and beneath it he sees the ghost of Grace smiling. She is joined shortly after by the ghosts of Rambo and Lt. Ripley. Then, it cuts to the credits with a burst of drum beats followed by a hail of horns trumpeting victory.


When the end credits are about to finish rolling a whistle is heard then the chugging of a steam engine. The scene opens to a bright flash and a strange steam engine emerges in the sky. It settles down lightly on the ground and out of the cabin rushes Doctor Emmitt Brown. He looks Jake up and down in his wild-eyed manner and says, “There’s no time! You need to come with me!” He drags the puzzled Jake aboard and they disappear into the past just after the events of the first movie. There, they talk to James Cameron and convince him not to do these next three movies. He agrees and then it fades to black.


Back to Reality

These three movies should add up to be nine hours long. The total Avatar experience, when all is said and done, will be half a day, or roughly 12 hours. So when they are released on home video and you get that itch to do a movie marathon plan your meals and your bathroom breaks accordingly . Be prepared for an all-nighter!

This is what I would like to see in the future of the franchise, but I am a humble writer and do not possess a time machine. So, only time will tell what the plot of the Avatar sequels will be. With the amount of money they are pumping into these sequels and the quality of the first movie, I would say there is a good chance that these movies will not disappoint. They may, or may not, be as good as the first one, but they should be good entertainment.



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Erich is the author of the thriller, Is Love Everlasting? He has a BA in Communications from Colorado State University. He lives in Arvada, Colorado with his cat, who always tries to help him with his writing. He enjoys watching movies, writing poetry, or reading a great book. Follow Erich on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/erichswritingspot. Get his book at Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/410406

About Erich Appelhans

Erich is the author of the thriller, Is Love Everlasting? He has a BA in Communications from Colorado State University. He lives in Arvada, Colorado with his cat, who always tries to help him with his writing. He enjoys watching movies, writing poetry, or reading a great book. Follow Erich on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/erichswritingspot.
Get his book at Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/410406