Books Every Man Should Read

books every man should read

We like to keep cultured by replenishing our brain cells with worthy storytelling at the turn of every season. For the Fall/Winter of 2014-15, we recommend a mix of classic and ‘soon to be classic’ photography books along with a couple non-fiction reads to help keep your mind off the white stuff that will soon be filling up your driveway.

1000 Tattoos1000 Tatoos

Whether you’re thinking of getting a tattoo yourself or just want to see to what lengths others have gone in decorating their bodies, this is the one tattoo book we highly recommend.
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Helmut Newton SUMOHelmut Newton: SUMO

SUMO is considered to be the biggest and most costly book ever produced. I was judged as one of the “best in a field” of outstanding photography for the 20th century, and it will certainly keep you warm on a cold night.
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The Story of BuildingsThe Story of Buildings

You have spent most of your entire life going in and out of various buildings. But have you ever thought about how and why people started to build them? You should, as this is one heck of an interesting read.
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Overnight SensationsOvernight Sensations The Americas

Looking for some things to add to your bucket list? This book offers stunning photography and witty narratives of some of the most celebrated and undiscovered hotels around the world.
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Paddle Your Own CanoePaddle Your Own Canoe

We are big fans of Nick Offerman. And when it comes to advice on growing a perfect moustache, grilling red meat, or wooing a woman, we can’t think of anyone that we would rather learn from.
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The Art of ManlinessThe Art of Manliness

True manliness may be hard to define, but this book takes one heck of a swing towards the answer, and hits it out of the ball park more than 90 percent of the time.
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