10 Signs You’re A Bad Kisser


According to research, nearly three-quarters of women who were attracted to a man on a date, will become instantly repelled if he turns out to be a bad kisser. As it turns out, women can gauge a lot about a man from one kiss, ranging from his confidence, health, genetic compatibility, and if he’s going to be any good in the sack. With so much at stake, you better make sure you’re not a stereotypical bad kisser, like these 10 gentlemen:

1. Mr. Asks Permission-Asking permission for a kiss is like asking the taxman for an audit. Why?
2. Mr. Aggressive– Women like passionate men. However, if you suck on her face and grind her teeth, don’t expect a repeat.
3. Mr. Creepy Peepers– Girls complain about guys who kiss with their eyes open. So, don’t do it.
4. Mr. Lazy– No guy has ever got laid by offering up one hen peck and a deadfish tongue dart before pulling out his rooster.
5. Mr. Waterworks– Women hate excess saliva. The best way to avoid this is to build anticipation before you get into the heavy stuff. This means teasing her with little kisses around her neck and ears, before slowly opening the waterworks.
6. Mr. Crisp Crackle and Pop– Chap lips are another big turn off for women. There is no excuse, as all it takes is a dab of chap-stick.
7. Mr. Tries Too Hard– If your kissing arsenal includes sucking on a girls nose or licking her eyebrows, you seriously need to reassess your technique.
8. Mr. One-Off – If you have one technique you use all the time (the counter swirl with a tongue dart), you’re really no better off than the guy who asks for permission.
9. Mr. Lickedy She-Split– Are you actually trying not to get laid? Keep most licking below the chin where it belongs.
10 The Drunk Casanova– Excess alcohol is great because it makes you lose your inhibitions. However, it also makes you a so-so kisser, so if she’s worth impressing, keep it to a light buzz.

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Single and sexy. Hello ladies..

About Max Green

Single and sexy. Hello ladies..