About Adriana Green

Adriana Green always roots for the good guys. She also enjoys making good people look great. She runs a mens street style site called Trig & Polished (www.trigandpolished.com), in which she scours the streets for stylish men with the mission of promoting good men's style. She appreciates more than just well-dressed men; see what else by checking out her photography at www.adrianagreen.com. Connect with her on Instagram @adrianagreenphotography & @trigandpolished

First Date Advice From Real Women

Hello, Gentlemen. I’m back with some more helpful information from the ladies. This time I asked them what they thought would be an ideal first date. The good news is that despite the women being so varied in interests, none of them mentioned anything about breaking the bank to impress them. In fact, the common […]

Insider Dating Tips from Real Women for Online Messaging

Hello, fellas. I’m back with some feedback and advice for writing those online dating messages. First, a disclaimer, heed the following advice but remember there are no guarantees that every woman you want to respond to you is going to. No pickup artist, or wingman is going to supply you with a 100% effective technique. […]

What Women Want To See in Your Okcupid and Tinder Photos

Online dating has become very popular over the years and it might just be the #1 way you get a date these days. Let’s face it, the most important thing on a dating profile are the pictures. You know what kinds of pictures you like to see and which kinds turn you off. But do […]