Women We Love – Sugar and Spice

julianne kissinger

And everything nice… and occasionally not so nice! What is a man’s attraction to a youthful, sweet, and innocent woman?

Is it the opportunity to be the teacher rather than the student, or could it be the nostalgia of your youth rekindling some of those early hot desires? Perhaps it is the hope that innocence deflects a woman from being able to read your mind as to what you are really thinking? Or maybe it is just the idea of embarking on a familiar adventure, yet experiencing everything as if for the first time, because you are seeing it through her eyes.

But we are forgetting one important thing about all these sweet and innocent women you dream about:
Just how innocent is that pinch of sugar, really – when it almost always comes with a dash of spice?



About Max

Single and sexy. Hello ladies..

About Max Green

Single and sexy. Hello ladies..