Women We Love – Bianca Kmiec

Bianca Kmiec

Have you seen this girl? Meet Bianca Kmiec, our latest crush. She has been busy in her fitness lifestyle and making men weak in the knees and thankful to be guys. It’s kind of hard to believe, but this fitness model is 18 years old. We see a big future for her, with a bit of luck.



Words like stunning, beautiful, and inspiring come to mind as we gaze at her. So we took all that inspiration and began to search high and low but were unable to find much more about the woman we only know as, Bianca Kmiec. And this is extremely upsetting considering that she might just be one of the most beautiful undiscovered women we’ve seen in a while. It would not surprise us if she was a bond girl or in a future fast & furious.


Okay, but this is what we do know. Bianca Kmiec was born here in the US. Her genetic background, on the other hand, is a spicy mix of Austrian, Polish, German, Spanish, Native American and Italian. She certainly is a woman with a mixed cultural background, but we think she does a great job at representing them all.


Take a look at the photos below, as these are the moments right before a star is born. And we have all witnessed it here today. So, in a sense, we are all a part of Bianca Kmiec’s history – and the lucky few, may even get to play a part in her future. Here’s to taking chances, and may the best man win.



Bianca Kmiec sexy shorts



Bianca Kmiec underboob

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