Kit and Ace Technical Cashmere – Like Being Nude, Only More Fashionable

Men prefer showering nude, sleeping in the nude, and doing… ahem—many other enjoyable things that way. So it is no wonder why you can’t wait to get your clothes off after a long day.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel that way all the time? There is just one problem; The nude body is not really an appropriate fashion statement, especially with your neighbors and local police. But you do have one other option—Kit and Ace Technical Cashmere.

This stuff is soft, all-natural, machine washable, flexible, breathable and designed for your body. What we mean by that is Kit and Ace has paid special attention to how your body moves and breathes. Their clothing features double panelling in areas prone to rubbing, flat seems to keep any thread from irritating sensitive skin, weighted hemlines to drape the fabric appropriately, and grommets to help cool things down while you’re heating them up.

Why? Because it feels great (to you), and helps them sell a lot of shirts—so it is a win-win for all.

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