Interview Request for models

Thank you for your interest in being featured on Urbasm.

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Interviews are by email for your convenience. We’ve provided the questions below for you to see in advance.


Note: when replying, please include the number of the question next to your answer.


Questions to start – please answer these 3:

  1. What do you have coming up that we can look forward to?
  2. What would you say has been the key to your success? Do you think success is more about who you know, or how well you know yourself—and why?
  3. What are the three things that every guy should know, according to you?


And choose any (4 or more) of these questions:

  1. What are the top three things that are on your bucket list for the new year?
  2. What is something about you that most people may not realize?
  3. In what way do you find a man’s intellect sexy? Is it his knowledge of wine, history, or something similar? Or is it more about his ability to be sharp witted or good with numbers, or something else entirely?
  4. We’ve been told that men need guidance from women to become more balanced in their lives. What do you think a man can learn from women when it comes to love and life?
  5. Is there a particular outfit that makes you feel sexy when you go out on the town? What does it look like?
  6. What is your favorite pickup line?
  7. Have you ever had the chance to be a wingwoman for a friend (male or female)? How did it go?


If you are interested but unable to reply due to your schedule, just let us know.

We can work it out, we just like to stay organized.


We also request permission to use several approved photos with the interview.

Please include 5+ of your favorite photos to include along with any credits.

Or let us know if we should get from your social media accounts.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Eric J. Leech


Past interviews include:

  • Joanna Krupa
  • Nikki Leigh
  • Abigail Ratchford
  • Tiffany Toth
  • Julia Lescova
  • Ashley Alexis
  • And many more


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  • Sharna Burgess – TV star (Dancing with the Stars)
  • Rutledge Wood, TV star (Top Gear)
  • Ana Kasperian, TV star (The Young Turks)
  • Denisha Hardeman, actress (Django Unchained)
  • Les Stroud, TV star (Survivor man)
  • Justin Chon, movie star (Revenge of the Green Dragons)
  • Jonathan Kite, TV star (2 Broke Girls)


  • Max Cohen
  • Jay Reid
  • Syd Wilder
  • Ron G


  • Sophie Simmons
  • Jessica Sutta
  • Brian McKnight
  • Heather Bright
  • Sean Garrett
  • Boyz II Men