Top 10 Cities Around the World with the Sexiest Women

It is true that there are beautiful women everywhere in the world, but there does seem to be some areas that are a bit more gifted than others. Especially if you take into account their overall quality (features, health, genetic make-up), attitude (friendly, snobbish, gold digger), and the all-important ratio of women to men, which […]

Women from 2010

The past year we saw a bevy of beauties grace the pages and screens, and we picked a few of our favorite women to share with our readers.


It must be hard being a celebrity and getting busted in action doing some late shopping for your wife, but at least Jay-Z can make up for the tabloids with the $350K he spent on wife Beyonce at Hermes. Last year, Beyonce and Jay-Z were the highest paid earning couple in show biz with a […]