Bizarre Sex Fantasies

Most people think that bizarre fantasies are a sign of being abnormal, or a sexual deviant. However, as most studies show, most of these represent the brain’s mechanism for coping with stress, or curbing an overzealous sexual appetite. So, whether you’re into balls or dolls, your weirdness has now been justified. However, we’re talking about […]

Babe Tribute – Three Boobs

Does the idea of a woman with three boobs make her hotter? You might find yourself short handed. Now wait a minute, hear us out. This is actually a thing. It’s called accessory breast. Don’t go looking, we assure your disappointed. It’s not like you can expect a hot Total Recall moment like this:   We’re not […]

Kama Sutra for the Urban Man

The woman is instructed to crouch down on her heels, while the man enters her from behind while in a half-seated (or full-seated if you’re lazy) position. His job is to caress her body, including back, breasts, and thighs, while also kissing her tenderly. She controls the motion of this ocean by rocking back and […]

How to Approach Your Girl for Anal

A lot of guys want to ask their girl to try anal sex. However, few know how to do this successfully, and even fewer know how to go about it without causing a permanent red “X” to appear on her backside. If you really want to get somewhere with this request, don’t trust what your […]