Babe Tribute – Kelly Brook

Why do we love model/actress, and all around babe, Kelly Brook? Let us count the ways. One, she looks incredibly hot in a bikini; two, she is even hotter without one. Three, she has dated the action hero, Jason Statham, and we wouldn’t exactly call that sloppy seconds. Four, she is talented, and has been […]

Babe Tribute – Esti Ginzberg

Esti Ginzberg is a soldier, fashion model, and actress who hails from Tel Aviv, Israel. If you have never heard of Tel Aviv, it is a sandy heaven where beautiful women are harvested, packages up in string bikinis, and shipped to North America for college guys to ogle. In July of 2009, Ginzberg was enlisted […]

11 Sexy British Glamour Models

They’re too sexy for your mouse, too sexy for your house… so sexy without a blouse And they’re too sexy to wanna fight, too sexy for this site… so, to them we say, Go fly a kite… naked! Jessica-Jane Clement began her career as a Page 3 model. Since then she’s appeared in Nuts, Zoo […]

Melanie Iglesias Strips

Everyone’s favorite flipbook girl, a topless Melanie Iglesias is back, this time she’s stripping down to Tiesto sounds. And good news, she brought a few friends. Enough from us, here’s Melanie Iglesias… Wanna take home a little piece of Melanie for yourself? Here’s a cheap one-nighter. This is a slight upgrade. And this is something that most […]

Say Hello to Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is a beautiful woman with classic good looks. We could go on-and-on about how sexy and successful she is, but we figure we’d let her body do the rest of the talking for us!

A Moment With Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is a New York born actress and model. She may look famous, but that is just her smooth looks talking. Wilde has been slowly rising up the Hollywood ladder, having now appeared on the O.C., House, Tron:Legacy, and Cowboy & Aliens. When she is not rehearsing lines, she likes to talk about her […]

Hot Melanie Iglesias – As Naked As She Gets

No, she is not the daughter of the womanizing Julio Iglesias, or the sister to the emasculated Enrique Iglesias. Nor is she the wife, sister, or even a very distant relative of Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, but she is slightly talented in her own right. We happen to know that she can carry a tune, write […]

The Hand Bra Gallery

In case you didn’t get enough from our original hand bra gallery, we thought we’d give you a hand with nine more. On second thought; use your own hand. Also see: Rise of the Hand Bra Art of the Hand Bra Return of the Hand Bra Babe Tribute – Handbras    

A Tribute to National Stockings Day

Our calendar has been out of sorts, and we damn well almost missed one of our favorite holidays out of the year. It’s called National Stockings Day, and it is a day for all men to bow their heads in honor of one of the simplest, and most sexy accessories found on any woman… Especially […]

Cities with the Sexiest Women

We surveyed men across the globe, asking which cities had the sexiest women… This is what you had to say. 10. Hong Kong, China You would have to be blind not to find someone sexy out of 3 million women packed into a subway like sardines. However, what really makes a Hong Kong woman special […]