Winecoat – Box Wine For Gentlemen

When it comes to class and sophistication, the box wine is seriously lacking. However, in the practicality department it makes a lot of sense, so here’s one alternative. This Winecoat offers up a sturdy base and flexible nylon top that will fit any standard 31 Bag-in-Box wine. All you do is take the wine bag […]

The Minipresso – Espresso On the Go

We like espresso, but we particularly like it on the go. Not that we don’t mind lounging around in the coffee shop with the other hipsters, interns, and jobless professionals—but sometimes we actually have something to do. The Minipresso is a tiny (7-inch) hand held espresso machine that has the capability to produce a delicious […]

COTM – Urbasm Celebrates National Vodka Day

To celebrate National Vodka Day, the team at Urbasm has put together a couple of recipes using Crystal Head Vodka. The bottling is incredible and made by none other than Dan Aykroyd. All Tipsy No Scurvy Ingredients: Lime-flavored tonic Sweet Limes Oranges Crystal Head Vodka Instructions: Use a juicer for the citrus (or dice them into […]

Instant Beer Chiller for Bachelor’s and Their Brood

We like our beer cold and our wallet full, which is sometimes difficult to achieve. Adding to the complexity of this demand, we also expect our gadgets to work and last awhile, and have some appeal to our lady friends. Yeah, I know; we ask a lot. With the Cooper Cooler HC01-A, you can drop […]

Urban Wine Cellar in a Box

The wine cellar is becoming a dying dream to the urban landscape. This is because the traditional layout takes a large spare area in a basement, a sealed concrete floor, fully insulated ceilings and walls, and a wine cooling system embedded into the wall. Yeah, all that work might not be viable in an apartment […]

The Coolest Cooler on Kickstarter

Generally speaking, a cooler is a pretty unglamorous job. It keep things cool so that they don’t melt, taste bad, or spoil. Your dream cooler would be able to do a whole lot more, like mix drinks, play music, open a beer, and charge your iphone so that you can call someone to pick you […]

The Java Wand Makes Morning Coffee Easy

Some of the simplest inventions in the world are probably some of your most favorite. In fact, I bet some of the most precious things that you enjoy every single day probably have no glimmer, no glamour, little praise, but you would miss them dearly should you ever wake up and find them gone. I’m […]

The Bruce Lee of Bartending – Served With Flair

Have you ever made the mistake of not considering bar-tending as a worthy career achievement? This video will set the record straight–Bruce Lee style:

Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer Slushie Machine For Summertime

If you have ever thought of making a slushie out of beer, I can tell you that it works terribly—especially on a hot day. The ice just melts and dulls the beer, and the watered down malted grain just brings out a pouty face. However, if you do it right—magic happens. The key is to […]

Pizza Compass App is Worthy of Your Hunger

The last we counted, Apple had over 1 million apps for your smartphone, including ones that simulate a compass, and others that are designed to help you find food. However, little good any of these will do when you’re in serious need for a slice of cheesy baked goodness. Introducing the Pizza Compass app, whose […]