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Star Wars: A New Dawn Review

Set a little while before the animated series Star Wars: Rebels, this story is a prologue to the series. It is about Kanan Jarrus. He is a Jedi that survived the purge known as Order 66. He was young when that occurred and since then has been in hiding. The story flashes back for a […]

3 Tips to Keep Your Skin and Hair Hydrated This Winter

The weather reports are suggesting this coming winter could be a particularly cold and brutal one for those in the South and East Coast. But you know what really takes the brunt of a bad winter day? Every surface of your body that is left out to fend for itself during your daily jaunt to […]

Take This Personality Quiz to Plan Your Ultimate Las Vegas Vacation

What type of Vegas man are you? Are you a wild card like Alan from The Hangover, or more of a player like Danny Ocean from Ocean’s Eleven? Regardless who you think would play your character should your life ever be documented on film, this quiz hosted by the Aria Resort and Casino is designed […]

Hair Situation – Two New Formulas, Same Great Results

You know what I like better than trying out a new brand of hair product? Trying a new formula from a brand I already like. We gave ‘Hair Situation’ a shot last winter and we were very impressed by their ‘no-glue-no-goo’ policy. These gels and pomades are very clean formulas and do exactly what their […]

Winter Armor – The Adrian Parka By Nudie Jeans Co

Gunmetal trim, water resistant wax-coated cotton shell, detachable faux fur hood… this is how the Swedish do winter – and look good doing it. Nudie Jeans Co, the understated Swedish design house, has released their newest winter arrivals for 2015 and this Adrian Parka has caught our eye. Don’t let the idea of ‘waxed brushed […]

2015 Fall/Winter Essentials – Denim, Wool, Leather and a Bomberg Watch

Shreds, patches, texture and lots of attitude – that is what the Fall/Winter of 2015 is all about in our opinion – and the opinions of several rocking manufacturers we’d like to introduce you to. Dirty Denim When you don’t have to wear your wool dress slacks, most men prefer the relaxed feel of a […]

The Cloud Is Great – But a Hybrid Storage Solution Could Be Better

Running out of storage or having your media get corrupted may be your worst nightmare when working with digital media, whether you are a photographer, videographer, musician or gamer. At best it puts you behind several hours to your last saved copy, and at its worst it could mean a lost client. Storage is cheap, […]

Inside Look at the Yotta Lifestyle

The parties, supercars, scantily clad women, muscles and stacks of free-floating cash… is this what the Yotta Lifestyle is all about? No, actually it is only a part of it, and Bastian Yotta recently invited us to discover their full story as a premier life coach. So we came prepared with our best ab flex and […]

11 Websites To Improve Your Life

How would you know if you’re living life to the fullest? You would follow the advice and guidance from the men and women who have made the mistakes, found all the holes in the original formulas and built a business out of making other people’s lives worth living. We know you have plenty of dreams, […]