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Babe Tribute – Petra Nemcova

You probably recognize Petra Nemcova from modeling, where she’s been on the covers of Sports Illustrated, FHM, Cosmo, as well several ad campaigns for La Perla, La Senza, Maidenform, Max Factor, Pantene, Victoria’s Secret and more. Petra Nemcova video of a photo shoot in Honduras:

Babe Tribute – Liza Kei

Miss Liza Kei is Miss March for Playboy and gets our vote!

5 Cars You Should Drive, But Probably Won’t

Your mom (and grandpa) have a lot of advice for keeping a splinter from getting infected, a BB pellet out of your eyeball, and your underwear (reasonably) clean. The problem is, most of this good advice goes in one ear, and then finds some inappropriate place to come back out. Today, we are going to […]

Babe Tribute – Charley Atwell

Hailing from the UK, Charley Atwell is a model that’s appeared in Maxim and more.  

Inteliscope Rifle Adapter for Your iPhone

Here’s a handy device for firearm enthusiasts that we never saw coming. It is an iPhone (iPad) adapter for your rifle, that turns your Apple device into one hell of a digital optical scope. It offers a landscape portrait of whatever you’re shooting, including the capability to record, zoom, and keep track of the prevailing […]

Babe Tribute – Taylor Cole

When brains, strength, and confidence meet beauty, most guys just pick up their machismo and walk away. The scientists say it has something to do with a man’s need to be the alpha in his relationships. However, there is something about a strong and intelligent woman like Taylor Cole, the sexy lab technician on CSI: […]

Mel Iglesias Strips… Again

In case you didn’t get enough of Melanie stripping the last time; we’ve brought her back with even more bikini and lingerie action. She keeps tempting us with the idea of taking it all off, but is she really going to do it this time? Come on Melanie… don’t you be so mean. Wanna take […]